Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who cares if I cry?

Some fears in my heart I don’t know who to tell,
my life is so miserable but my heart means well.
Some days I feel like I just dropped out the sky,
I’m on a rocky road just waiting to die.
Life is so precious for a long time I didn’t see,
because I felt like this old sinful world is no place to be.
People are dying and women are getting beat and raped,
the world is so messed up there's nowhere to escape.
Why do we have to go through so much pain,
And in the end of everything what do we gain.
Living the life I live today,
there is so much drama and no time to play.
Throughout my life I been through so much,
looking for a friend but there's no one to trust.
Things that happened to me are so unfair,
I look for a safe place but I don't know where.
My family loves me and do what they can, but the pain I feel they just don't understand. I try my best to keep my feelings inside, but it hurts so bad all I can do is cry.
Sometimes I wonder will this pain go away, And for all the wrong I did is this the price I have to pay….I'm sorry for all my wrong,

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